Neurotransmitters and Your Memory

Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that will aid in a person's memory. If an imbalance were to occur in these chemical levels, the result would be a lack in functioning of the memory. There are a number of factors that have an affect on the maintenance of the proper chemical levels in that brain. In the article we will look at some of the ways you can help keep your neurotransmitters in balance. Learn more about  Dr. James Eells , go here. 

One reason is diet, you diet is crucial to supplying your brain with the nutrients that it needs. Neurotransmitters need good fats to help in the location of the nerve connections. Some people that are on a low fat diet will suffer from memory problems, this is because some fats are good for your body and your mind. Find out for further details on  Dr. James Eells right here. 

Apart from fats, the brain will also need sufficient protein to break down into amino acids. These acids are important for brain chemicals and is what causes people to stay focused on certain tasks. To have your brain function properly, it will need to create over 200 neurotransmitters. Eating a balanced diet is important and so it not putting your body or your mind under to much stress. When you are under heavy stress you brain chemicals can be depleted, if you do not take the proper steps you could suffer from memory issues.

If you are not able to supply your body with the proper nutrients there are supplements out there that could help, but you should see a doctor before taking any supplements. However you should know that your brain needs some stress to stimulate it. If you do not work your mind then you could also have memory issues. Depression will result in lower serotonin levels, this is the main neurotransmitter in your brain. When people cannot overcome their depression, they could possibly experience issues.

Everyone's brain chemistry is different. This is why it is important for everybody to see a doctor and eat a diet that is best suited for them in order to create the recommended amount of neurotransmitters. You may want to ask your doctor to check your neurotransmitters before you submit yourself to any other type of neurogistics program. If you have neurotransmitter level imbalance and memory problems, you might be able to improve this at home by taking supplement, such as amino acids, but you should only do this when told to by your health care professional. This was just a short article about neurotransmitters and the affect they could have on your memory, so if you have this issues you should speak with a doctor.